Welcome to Riyadh Tamil Sangam   (Recent post)

Welcome to the Riyadh Tamil Sangam's (RTS) official Home Page. RTS is a non-profit organization devoted for the promotion of Tamil culture and Tamil Literature. RTS’s objectives are:



- To create an awareness of the richness of Tamil and its culture among the Tamils living at Riyadh.

- To teach how to read and write in Tamil to those who did not have a chance to learn Tamil.

- To encourage the young and talented Tamils to come out with creative writings

- To give platform for the young writers to present their creations.

- To form a larger Tamil group (Gulf Tamil Sangams) by linking other Tamil Sangams in the

   Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and in the Gulf Region.

RTS has been formed under the august support and guidance of our patron H.E. M.O.H.Farook, the Indian Ambassador to Saudi Arabia in 2005 by merging 5 Tamil Organizations that have been doing great services to Tamil Language, Tamil Culture and Tamil Community for more than 2 decades in Riyadh.

RTS seeks to promote and co-ordinate Tamil cultural, educational and community activities. RTS is open to all those who are interested in promoting the Tamil language and its culture.

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Learn Tamil ON-LINE from Tamil Virtual University Web site.

Learn Tamil using ON-LINE ( You will be taken to Pennsylvenia University’s Site ) http://ccat.sas.upenn.edu/plc/tamilweb/tamil.html


Let us be united as Tamilians!!
Let us speak in Tamil with Tamilians!!!