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Welcome to the Riyadh Tamil Sangam's (RTS) official Home Page. RTS is a non-profit organization devoted for the promotion of Tamil culture and Tamil Literature. RTS’s objectives are:

- To create an awareness of the richness of Tamil and its culture among the Tamils living at Riyadh.

- To teach how to read and write in Tamil to those who did not have a chance to learn Tamil.

- To encourage the young and talented Tamils to come out with creative writings

- To give platform for the young writers to present their creations.

- To form a larger Tamil group (Gulf Tamil Sangams) by linking other Tamil Sangams in the

   Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and in the Gulf Region.

RTS has been formed under the august support and guidance of our patron H.E. M.O.H.Farook, the Indian Ambassador to Saudi Arabia in 2005 by merging 5 Tamil Organizations that have been doing great services to Tamil Language, Tamil Culture and Tamil Community for more than 2 decades in Riyadh.

RTS seeks to promote and co-ordinate Tamil cultural, educational and community activities. RTS is open to all those who are interested in promoting the Tamil language and its culture.

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Let us be united as Tamilians!!
Let us speak in Tamil with Tamilians!!!

Executive Board

 Current Executive Board

Previous Office Bearers   2005 2006 2007 2008 2009  2010 2011 2012  2013 201412017 2018 2019 2020 2021 2023


Office Bearers ( 2024-25 )
1 Hyder Ali President

Jafar Sadik

3 Saravanan Secretary
4 Naresh Kumar Treasurer
5 Irshad  Joint Secretary
Execcutive Members
1 Muthusamy Vetrivel 
2 Arun Sharma
3 Velumani Ramasamy 
4 Aravind S Narayanan
5 Siva Ramalingam
6 Saravanan Somasundaram
7 Venkatesh Krishnan
8 Madhavan
9 Hyder Ali
10 Kabeer V P
11 M.B.Mohideen Ghazali
12 Yusuf
13 Abubacker Siddiq
14 Ameenudeen
15 Shameem Mahudoom
16 Wassim Raja
17 Ahmed Imthias
18 Rashid Ahmad
19 Fakhrudeen Ibnu Hamdun
20 Jafar Sadiq
21 Jamal Sait
22 Jiyavudeen
23 Sheik Md. Shajahan
24 Jafer Sadiq (MPT)
25 Sheikh Mohammad Dawood
26 Jawahar Savarimuthu
27 Mathi Sangilimuthu
28 Sikkander Sherief
29 Ram Mohan
30 Sathish Kumar
31 Arokiya Das
32 Naresh Kumar
33 Malic Ibrahim
34 Shahul Hameed
35 Xavier Terrance Leo
36 Alex Thiyagarajan
37 Sajjauddin
38 C.R. Senthil Kumar
39 Arif Abdul Salam
40 Irshad

Sub Committees

Tamil Literature & Workshops

Sheik Md. Shajahan
Abul Kalam Azad
Arokia Das
Vetrivel Muthusamy
 Xavier Leo

 Social Welfare Group

Ahmed Imthias
Jamal Saet U.J.
Mohideen Ghazali
Shahul Hameed
Sikkander Sherief
Velumani Ramasamy

Employment & Career Opportunities

Mohammed Sheriff
Hyder Ali
Ram Mohan
Venkatesh Krishnan

Magazine & Publications

Abul Kalam Azad
Arun Sharma
Jawahar Savarimuthu 
Malic Ibrahim
Sports Activities
Aravind S Narayana
Abubacker Siddiq
Jagubar Sulaiman
Mathi Sangilimuthu

Office Bearers ( 2005-06 )

1 Jayaseelan Santhanam President


3 Ahmed Imthias Secretary
4 R.Swaminathan Treasurer
5 H.Hyder Ali Joint Secretary

Office Bearers ( 2006-07 )

1 Dr.Rasheed Basha President

S. Sheik Dawood

3 A . Sajjavudeen Secretary
4 M. Thirumavalavan Treasurer
5 Jafar Sadiq Joint Secretary

Office Bearers ( 2007-08 )

1 A . Sajjavudeen President

Mohideen Ghazali

3 R.Swaminathan Secretary
4 Jafar Sadiq Treasurer
5 Vijaya Sundaram Joint Secretary
Office Bearers ( 2008-09 )
1 Jawahar Sawarimuthu President


3 K.V.Raja Secretary
4 Feroz Khan Treasurer
5 Xavier Terrance Leo Joint Secretary
Office Bearers ( 2009-10 )
1 Imthias Ahmed President


3 Abbas Shajahan Secretary
4 Sahul Hameed Treasurer
5 Swaminathan Joint Secretary
Office Bearers ( 2010-11 )
1 Swaminathan President

Aravazhi Thirugnana Sambanda Moorthy

3 Lucky Shajahan Secretary
4 Mannan Treasurer
5 Sikkandar Joint Secretary
Office Bearers ( 2011-12 )
1 M.Vetrivel President

Shahul Hameed

3 Imthias Ahmed Secretary
4 Shaik Dawood Treasurer
5 Shafee Joint Secretary
Office Bearers ( 2012-13 )
1 Hyder Ali President

Fakrudeen Ibnu Hamdoon

3 K.V.Raja Secretary
4 Jose Arokiam Treasurer
5 Malik Ibrahim Joint Secretary
Office Bearers ( 2013-14 , 14-15)
1 Shahul Hameed President

Abdul Mannan

3 Jawahar Secretary
4 Ramachandran Treasurer
5 Abdul Aziz Joint Secretary
Office Bearers ( 2015-16,16-17 )
1 Shaik Muhammad President

Mathi Sangilimuthu

3 Alex Thiagarajan Secretary
4 Shaik Masthan Treasurer
5 Velumani Joint Secretary

Office Bearers ( 2017-18-19 )
1 Malic Ibrahim President

Arun Sharma

3 Md.Sheriff Secretary
4 Md.Abubakar Treasurer
5 Sikkandar Sherif Joint Secretary
Office Bearers ( 2019-20 )
1 Fakhrudeen Ibnu Hamdun President

Nawshath Ali

3 C.R.Senthil Kumar Secretary
4 Sathish Kumar Treasurer
5 Saravanan Somasundaram Joint Secretary
Office Bearers ( 2020-21 )
1 Mohideen Gazali President

Jamal Sait U J

3 Sivaramalingam Secretary
4 Sathish Kumar Treasurer
5 C.R.Senthil Kumar Joint Secretary
Office Bearers ( 2021-23 )
1 Shaik Mohammed Dawood President

Arvind s Narayanan

3 Jiyavudeen Secretary
4 Kabeer Treasurer
5 Nazeer Ahmed Joint Secretary
Office Bearers ( 2023 -24 )
1 M.Vetrivel President
2 Arif Abdul Salam Vice President
3 Shameem Hyder Ali Secretary
4 Rammohan Chandramohan Treasurer
5 Jamal Sait Joint Secretary

RIYADH TAMIL SANGAM – Bylaw Amended Version 1.0

Article 1    


i.            The name of this organization shall be ‘Riyadh Tamil Sangam (hereinafter referred to as RTS in short for the purpose of these by laws).


ii.           The principal contact of the RTS will be in Riyadh (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia), the address for communication and telephone numbers to be of Serving Secretary of the tenure. The registered web address is www.riyadhtamilsangam.com


iii.         The RTS came into existence on 17th February 2005 and will be run at the pleasure of the Executive committee.


iv.          The founding subscribers to the RTS are from the 5 (five) founding associations. The founding subscribers will constitute the first Executive Committee of the RTS.


v.           The names of the founding subscribers are detailed in the Annexure no. I


vi.          Each association nominating 7 members to the Executive committee of the RTS. The number of members representing each association to the executive Committee can be amended by the Executive Committee, with two third majority.


vii.        The founding associations are listed herein below, in the alphabetic order:


1.   Indian Tamil Fine Arts Association (ITFAA)

2.   OASIS

3.   Tamil Cultural Society (TCS)

4.   Tamil Fine Arts Recreation Group (TAFAREG)

5.   United Tamil Forum (UTF)

Article 2    

Purpose & Objectives

i.            The RTS is a socio - cultural organization with a focus on fostering and nurturing the Tamil Culture, Arts, Language, Literature, Poetry, Music, theatre among others on the cultural front; On the social side to advance and cultivate cooperation among other communities of Indian origin and extend help to Indians in the Kingdom (KSA), support any social cause / help the victims of natural calamities back home.


ii.           Other secondary objectives include: Assist in identifying employment opportunities, interact with Indian government & Embassy of India for common needs.


iii.         RTS is a secular, non-profit, non-commercial and a non-political organization.


iv.          Any other objectives as deemed fit may be added on / modified, based on the needs and demands by due process of amending the Bylaws      

Article 3


i.            Founding members:


The founding subscribers to the Bylaws from the founding associations will be the Founding members as          per the Article 1 (v) of the bylaws. The founding subscribers of the RTS will remain life time members.


The aforesaid founding members will be the members of the ‘First Executive committee' which will be the Governing body of the RTS.


ii.           Executive committee members:


Executive committee members of RTS shall be the Nominated members as per Article 1 (vii).


iii.         Ordinary members:


The ordinary membership of the RTS shall be open to all lawful Tamil Speaking people residing in the KSA.


The membership will be for a period of one year starting from the Tamil month Thai 1st to the last date of the Tamil month Margazhi.


Any eligible person desirous of becoming an ordinary member of the RTS will have to complete the application form and fulfill the membership criteria.


Membership will be valid during the year, until the last day of the Margazhi month subsequent to the admission / renewal into the RTS.


A member should be above the age of 18.


Any application for membership will be subject to ratification by the Executive committee; Any rejection of membership by the Executive committee will be final and no reasons thereof need be assigned to the prospective member;


RTS will maintain a roll of the members, with a quarterly updating.


Removal of any member from the roll will be within the power of the Executive committee, when the member’s activities are in violation of the objective and purpose of the RTS and if there are any criminal proceedings against the member and / or any activities in violation of the laws of the Kingdom (KSA) / Embassy of India.


iv.          RIGHTS & PRIVILEGES of Ordinary members

The ordinary members will have a priority in terms of invitation for any cultural or social programs organized by the RTS.                                              

They can attend as ordinary members, the Annual General Meeting of the RTS or any General / Special meeting of the RTS called for by the Executive committee.

The ordinary members will not carry any voting rights at any meetings.

The ordinary members will not have access to any records of the RTS unless with the approval of the Executive committee.

Any representation / complaint / suggestion by an ordinary member can be made to the Executive committee, which will be responded by the authorized core committee.


v.           PATRONS

The Executive committee can nominate a maximum of 2 patrons for the RTS for any given year.                                                 

The patrons can be persons of eminence and social repute.

Article 4

Members Subscription

i.            Executive Committee Members


All EC members should pay an amount of SAR 100 quarterly as member subscription.

A formal request notice by treasurer shall be issued to the EC member/s who fail to pay the subscription within completion of next quarter.

Further failure to fulfill the subscription may lead to change the EC member from founding organization.

He may be barred from becoming EC member in the next tenure.

ii.           Ordinary Members

All ordinary members should pay an amount of SAR 50 as annual member subscription.


iii.         Purpose of Subscription

The purpose of collecting subscription is to contribute for emergency social causes (after getting proper prior approval from EC), to meet the budgeted meeting expenses, to meet the expenses limited to flower bouquet / shawl for visiting VIPs.

Article 5

Management and Administration of the RTS

     i.        Administrative structure


The first EC will be constituted by the 20 founding members of the RTS as per the Article 1 (v) of this Bylaws.

The RTS will be managed by the ' Executive committee ' (EC). EC members are as per Article 1 (vi).

Each year the EC will elect ‘Core Committee' (CC) from the members of the EC. The CC will be the apex governing team of the RTS.

The CC will be made up of 5 exclusive members from the founding associations as in Article 1 (vii). No association will have more than one member in the CC at any point of time.

The CC will be headed by a President, and comprising of a Vice-President, a Secretary, a Joint Secretary and a Treasurer. Electing the mentioned five CC positions shall be done as per the election procedures mentioned in this Bylaw, Article 5, iii. Core Committee.

All the aforesaid 5 Core Committee of the CC will hold office until the completion of one year from the election (or) the last day of the subsequent Panguni month after the election, whichever is earlier.         



The EC will be as per article 3 (ii) having 40 members  

The EC will be the governing body of the RTS with powers and responsibilities detailed in the bylaws.

The Executive committee must meet at least once in two months to discuss matters of the RTS. The Secretary of the RTS will be authorized to call for the meeting in consultation with the President by giving a reasonable notice to its members.

At least 1/3rd of EC members (which is twelve [12]) physically present will constitute the Quorum for EC meeting with routine Business and for passing Resolutions of significance the Quorum will be 18 (eighteen) members physically present.

If there is shortage for the quorum, meeting will be adjourned for 15 minutes and the meeting will be held after 15 minutes. Members present will qualify for the quorum.                                                   

Any emergency meeting of the EC can be called for by any member of the EC by giving a notice of one week, subject to the approval of the CC                                                                              

The EC can pass resolutions with a simple majority (50% + 1);

Any EC members requiring leave of absence from the EC meeting for more than 2 consecutive meetings will have to adequately explain his absence to the satisfaction and acceptance of the CC condonation of absence rests with the EC.

Any EC members who are not attending three EC meeting (without ratification by EC upon providing valid explanation to EC) will be replaced by the respective association in the next tenure.                                    

Any EC member can resign on his own volition vacating his office; such vacancies should be filled in within a month by the respective association from which such member has left; the incumbent member should also be acceptable to the EC; the EC can request the Association to replace the member;                                             

Appropriate disciplinary action can be recommended by the CC for any erring EC member; However, the disciplinary proceedings should be transparent and fair/equitable; The recommendation of the CC will have to be passed via a resolution of the EC requiring a majority of 50% + 1 of EC.   

An erring EC member is one whose actions are against the objectives of the RTS or who has any criminal or fraudulent case/proceedings initiated against him.

The CC will form under itself various teams to address the following; within fifteen days of their taking over.

1.   Cultural activities - கலை & கூடங்கள் ஒருங்கிணைப்பு அணி

2.         Employment/Career opportunities - வேலைவாய்ப்பு அணி

3.         Social/Welfare matters - சமூக சேவை அணி

4.   Literary subjects        - இலக்கிய அணி

5.   Sports Activities - விளையாட்டு மேம்படுத்தல் அணி

6.   Magazine - பதிப்பக அணி


  iii.        Core Committee                                                                                   

The ‘CC ' will be comprising of 5 exclusive members, one from each founding organization as detailed in article 5 (i) of the bylaws.

Five Positions in CC, which are 1. President, 2. Vice-President, 3. Secretary, 4. Joint Secretary and 5. Treasurer as mentioned in Article 5 (i), will be elected by Tamil kutavOlai method (as lucky dip, the selection purely by random).

Founding organization which has served one (1) tenure in a particular position of Core Committee shall not be included in kutavOlai for the capacity of the same position for the following four years tenure.

Nominating a representative for the elected position shall be the responsibility of each founding organization.

Electing CC members shall be done in each year and shall be completed in the month of Masi, not later than the last date of Masi.

A person in the CC can hold the same office only once in the first 5 (five) years of the RTS.

The CC will meet at least once in 2 months and have a minimum of 6 meetings in a year at least 3 physically present will constitute the Quorum for any CC meeting.

The CC will have recommendatory responsibilities in general; All decisions by the CC will be placed before the EC for due approval.

The CC will represent the public face of the RTS; Any public announcements or communication with the public/government will be by the CC.

Normally the President the Secretary and the Treasure will represent the RTS and in the absence of the President it will be the Vice President and in the absence of the Secretary it will be the Joint Secretary respectively.


  iv.        PRESIDENT

He shall preside all the Meetings of the RTS, EC and CC apart from the General meetings of the RTS.      

He shall be the spokesperson of the RTS and shall be responsible for the overall running of the RTS.

He shall sign official documents along with the Secretary of the RTS; He may delegate this responsibility to the Vice President as may be necessary.         

In the absence of the President, the Vice President shall assume the role of President and discharge the responsibilities until the President returns or other alternate arrangements are made by the RTS.

The President shall hold office for a maximum period of one year.

Further Duties and responsibilities shall be read in Article IX of this bylaw.


    v.        VICE PRESIDENT                              

The Vice president shall perform all the duties of the President during his absence; He shall also fulfill any other responsibilities as may be assigned to him by the Executive Committee or the CC.

He shall be the in-charge for the formation of sub-committee and proper functioning of sub-committees.

While acting as the President, he shall be bestowed with all the rights, privileges and authority of the office of the President.

Further Duties and responsibilities shall be read in Article IX of this bylaw.


  vi.        SECRETARY

The Secretary shall act under the general and overall guidance and direction of the President.                                                         

The Secretary shall be responsible for calling of the meetings including the CC meeting, EC meeting, Annual General Meeting (AGM), and any other meetings of the RTS excluding those of the sub committees.  

The Secretary shall be the repository of the information regarding the RTS, records of the RTS, official documents of the RTS, any other communication materials of the RTS.                                                 

The Secretary shall be an authorized signatory of the RTS along with the President for official communication with outside agencies and persons.

The Secretary shall be the official responsible for the recording of any minutes and reporting the same, in the event of absence of Joint Secretary.

Further Duties and responsibilities shall be read in Article IX of this bylaw.


 vii.        JOINT SECRETARY

The Joint Secretary shall perform all the duties of the Secretary in his absence and any other duties as may be assigned to him by the CC and the EC.

In addition, Joint Secretary shall be the official responsible for recording all ‘Minutes of the Meetings’, and in the event of being requested circulating the minutes to CC/EC members accordingly.

Further Duties and responsibilities shall be read in Article IX of this bylaw.


viii.        TREASURER                  

The Treasurer shall be the official custodian of the Funds and Financial matters of the RTS.                      

He shall manage the funds of the RTS prudently and report the financial position to the CC/EC at least on a quarterly basis.                                      

He shall keep the accounts and records of all receipts and payments of the RTS. The Books of accounts maintained by him will be available for inspection only to the CC/EC members based on a prior request.

He shall prepare annual budget for RTS. The annual budget shall be prepared in consideration with all planned Mega events and smaller events.

 Exceeding the budgeted amount more shall be avoided at the most.                                        

Any Spending which exceeds 10% of the RTS Budget for any Mega events or smaller events shall be only with the prior approval of the CC/EC in written.

Any spending shall not exceed 10& of the Budgeted amount.

He shall also be responsible for accounting of all the membership fees / sponsor contributions and any other receipts.

He shall chair all finance committees formed from time to time.

The Treasurer, when on leave or outside the Kingdom (KSA), the Vice President will act as the Treasurer.

The Treasurer shall also submit accounts to annual audit, the accounts of the RTS to review the same and get the accounts certified by audit committee which will be formed by EC.

Further Duties and responsibilities shall be read in Article IX of this bylaw.

Article 6

Roles & Responsibilities of Core Committee


i.        The President shall preside over all the meetings of RTS and shall perform all the duties of a presiding officer.

ii.       The president is responsible for the overall management and coordination of the organization to execute, enforce, and carryout the constitution. 

iii.      The President shall be the spokesperson for the Riyadh Tamil Sangam.

v.       He shall act as the official representative of RTS to outside organizations

v.       He shall encourage a cohesive and strong organization. 

vi.      Be responsible in creating new directions for furthering the growth of RTS

vii.     Always Uphold the principles of Democracy and Equality.

ix.      He shall, with the approval of the Executive Committee, appoint members of all Special Committees as and when he deems necessary.

x.       He shall sign all documents in the name and on behalf of RTS.

xii.     He shall enforce the bylaws, perform all the duties incident to his office and such other activities which may be assigned to him from time to time by the Executive Committee.

xii.     Will not vote in any meeting while residing as chair unless a deciding vote is essential.

xiii.    He shall present at the annual general meeting of RTS a written report of Riyadh Tamil Sangam’s activities during the year.

xiv.     Ad-hoc committees: RTS President, in consultation with Executive Committee, has the power to establish ad-hoc committees to accomplish specific tasks and operations as to realize the objectives of Riyadh Tamil Sangam and to make recommendations to the executive committee. In no event shall an ad-hoc committee, except for the audit committee, exist beyond the end of the term of the Executive Committee that establishes it.


Vice President

i.        The Vice President shall perform all of the duties of the President during his temporary absence, and any other duties which may be assigned to him from time to time by the Executive Committee.

ii.       In acting in place of the president, the vice president has all the powers, duties, privileges, and responsibility of the office. 

iii.      He shall be required to serve as the chairperson of the ad-hoc Committee.

iv.      He shall be the in-charge of forming sub-committees and proper functioning of the same.  



i.       The Secretary shall archive all e-mail and WhatsApp messages during his tenure. Preferable monthly archiving is better.

ii.       The Secretary shall operate under the general direction of the President.

iii.      The Secretary shall be responsible for calling for points for the Agenda and finalizes the Agenda and inform all members as per the deadlines of the meetings.

iv.      He shall sign and attend to all correspondences and present the same to the Executive Committee at its meetings.

v.       He shall be the custodian of the records, papers, minutes, and documents of the RTS other than those under the jurisdiction of the Treasurer. He shall maintain an up-to-date list of all members of the RTS.

vi.      He shall send to all members, notices of all meetings and functions held in the name of or on behalf of the Riyadh Tamil Sangam.

vii.     He shall perform such other duties as may be assigned to him by the Executive Committee.

viii.    Assume the responsibility of signing the necessary documents concerning the president and the affairs of RTS.  If there is any doubt regarding the legitimacy of the transactions of the President, the Secretary must report the potential matter to the RTS Executive.

ix.      He shall submit information to the website/portal page.

Joint Secretary

i.        He shall perform all the duties of the Secretary in his absence or retirement and other duties assigned to him by the Executive Committee.

ii.       In addition, the Joint Secretary shall be responsible for recording and presenting the minutes of all meetings. These must be made accessible within a minimum of three days prior to the next meeting. 



i.        The Treasurer shall make, countersign and endorse in the name the RTS all notes and other orders for the payment of money, under the direction of the Executive Committee.

ii.       He shall have charge and custody of and be responsible for all funds which the RTS may receive and shall keep the funds in the safe custody as are designated by the Executive committee.

iii.      He shall maintain books of accounts and records of receipts, disbursements, and other financial transactions made by or on behalf of the RTS in accordance with accounting principles approved by the Executive Committee.

iv.      He shall present and up-to-date financial report at every Executive Committee meeting (General Meetings).

v.       He shall send the financial statement of the year to all members, at least two weeks in advance of the annual general body meeting and present the same at the general body meeting. He shall present the financial statement within two weeks whenever a written request is made by a group of one third of the members.

vi.      He shall establish and maintain a reserve fund with the annual balance and the reserve fund shall be used only with the approval of the executive committee members of the RTS. The amount to be set aside in the reserve fund every year shall be decided by the Executive Committee.

vii.     He shall perform all duties incident to the office of the Treasurer and such duties as may be assigned to him by the Executive Committee.

viii.    Will not use or incur expenses which exceeds 5% of RTS budget without the written permission of the President.

ix.      Is responsible for the collection of membership fees and all other duties relating to the Finances of Riyadh Tamil Sangam.

x.       Will report to the President submitting monthly statements while discussing new directions for the improvement or spending of RTS Finances.

Article 7


7.1 MEETINGS                                                                                              

       i.      Executive Committee Meetings

EC meeting shall be called for by the Secretary, once in two months period, in the normal course to transact usual business and any special business as may be mentioned in the notice calling for the meeting.

Mode of communication will be either be a. email or b. SMS or c. WhatsApp messages in group created exclusively for EC/CC.                                      

There shall be a notice of at least 3 clear days for calling an EC meeting. In case of emergencies there can be an emergency meeting called for by giving a shorter notice but not less than 1 clear day.                   

The Quorum for a normal EC meeting shall be as per Article 4, ii of this bylaw. For an emergency meeting also, the Quorum will be as in the normal meeting.

     ii.      Core Committee Meetings                                                                             

CC meeting shall be called for by the Secretary, in the normal course to transact usual business and any special Business as may be mentioned in the notice calling for the meeting.                                     

There shall be a notice of at least 3 clear days for calling for an CC meeting.  In case of emergencies there can be an emergency meeting called for by giving a shorter notice but not less than 1 clear day.             

The Quorum for a normal CC shall be as per Article 4, iii of this bylaw. For an emergency meeting also, the Quorum will be as in the normal meeting.

    iii.      Annual General Meetings                  

The Annual General Meeting (AGM), if required, shall be called for by the Secretary of RTS with the concurrence of EC.

There shall be a notice of at least 4 weeks for calling an AGM.

All Ordinary members as on the last day of the Tamil month of the said year, shall be eligible to attend the meeting and express their views in a reasonable manner as may be permitted by the chair.                   

The Quorum for the AGM shall be at least 50 members presents.

The Agenda for the AGM will be as decided by the EC and shall normally include: review of the past year, plans for the coming year, programs, performance of the RTS; discussions on any suggestions by the ordinary members, any other matters as may be felt to be relevant and necessary.                                        

    iv.      Extra Ordinary General Meetings

The Extra Ordinary General Meeting (EGM) can be called for at any other time during the year with a notice of 3 (three) months.

This will be called for in times of emergency and will be at the discretion of the EC.

The Meeting regulations as applicable for the AGM will also apply in case of EGM.



i.            It has been recommended to host Four (4) events at adequate interval for promoting literature and cultural activities. Size of these events may be at smaller level.


ii.           It has been recommended to host One (1) Mega Event in each year.



iii.         Budget and tentative dates for the mentioned event shall be planned at the beginning of the functioning of EC/CC, each year. 

Article 8


8.1 EC e-mail communication:

i.            RTSEXECUTIVE@YAHOO.COM is the primary e-mail.


ii.           SECRETARY@RIYADHTAMILSANGAM.COM is the window of communication for public.


iii.         WWW.RIYADHTAMILSANGAM.COM is the website.


iv.          RIYADHTAMILSANGAM@YAHOOGROUPS.COM is address of Yahoo groups.


v.           Admin of the all above will be President and Secretary.


vi.          President and Secretary shall be responsible for e-mails.


vii.        President shall assign a webmaster to take care of website mentioned Article 8 - 8.1 – iii. Assigned webmaster is responsible for the function of website. 

8.2 Code of conduct for WhatsApp group:

The source of communicating with EC shall be mainly of WhatsApp group.

i.            Only EC members will be a part of RTS WhatsApp group.


ii.           Only EC and RTS related subjects to be shared.


iii.              If anyone posts irrelevant messages in the group, all the EC members have the right to ask the member to delete the message in the group.


iv.          The Admin of the WhatsApp group will be President and Secretary


v.           Outgoing team should transfer the admin access to the new team


8.3       Social Media:


i.            To operate 1. Facebook page, 2. Twitter account and 3. Instagram account, the President shall assign a person-in-charge.


ii.           Admin of the all above will be President, Secretary and the assigned Person-in-charge.


iii.         In social media subjects related to the following may be posted:


a.           Tamil literature.

b.           Tamil events.

c.           Riyadh events.

d.           Employment news.

e.           Labor Welfare events.


Article 9


i.            Immediate Past President may be conferred honorary position in EC.


ii.           Election process: any election process as may become essential at any point in time, will be designed by the   EC/CC by appointing a special committee for the purpose.


iii.         Grievance Redressal: In normal course, any genuine grievances will be addressed to the EC/CC. The EC/CC will constitute a sub-group to hear the grievance and respond/address the problem within the framework of the RTS by laws. The process shall be open and transparent with due emphasis on a fair and equitable trial and adjudication; the subgroups recommendation will be placed for approval/ratification to the EC/ CC.


iv.          The RTS shall have its own logo as in Annexure (2); any changes/amendments thereon shall be as per due discussion and approval by the EC.


v.           The RTS shall have a common SEAL, which will be in the custody of the Secretary of the RTS.


vi.          Miscellaneous: Any other issues (or) points not covered by the by-laws shall be regulated by framing    internal procedures and policies by the EC.

Approved Logo

Office Bearers ( Charter )






Jeyaseelan. S




Dr. Somasundaram. N

Vice President



Ahmed Imthias




H .Hyder Ali

Joint Secretary



R . Swaminathan



Executive Committee Members ( Charter )






  A . Sajjavudeen




  Mohana Sundaram








  M . Vetrivel




  M. Thirumavalavan




  D V Shanker




  S.S Jawahar




  M. Sheik Dawood




  J . Muthuraman












  M.M .Meeran Moosa




  Dr. S.I . Rasheed Basha




  Abbas Shajahan




  Mohideen Ghazali